Our Garden of Secrets | Flower Bouquet


Introducing “Our Garden of Secrets,” an exquisite tropical bouquet embraced by light green pastel wraps. Phalaenopsis White exudes elegance, while Delphinium Light Blue adds a touch of tranquillity. Chrysanthemum Sunlight White and Rose Tineke evoke pure serenity, while Hydrangea White lends its graceful charm. Rose Light Pink and Miss Piggy paint a picture of delicate romance. Daucus Carota Dara and Spray Rose Orange bring a pop of vibrant energy, alongside Ranunculus Butterfly Pink’s ethereal beauty. Eucalyptus Cinerea adds a touch of greenery, completing this enchanting bouquet. “Our Garden of Secrets” is a timeless ode to love, blooming with cherished moments and whispered affections.

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In the depths of a hidden sanctuary, their secret garden thrived, Where love’s blossoms bloomed and memories revived, Whispered vows echoed through enchanted trees, Their hearts intertwined, love’s eternal decree, With tender hands, they tended to this cherished treasure, A sanctuary for love’s memories, a timeless pleasure.

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Product information

Blooms Used:
Phalaenopsis White, Delphinium Light Blue, Chrysanthemum Sunlight White, Hydrangea White, Rose Tineke, Rose Light Pink & Miss Piggy, Daucus Carota, Spray Rose Orange, Ranunculus Pink, Eucalyptus
Standard Products Used:
Beato Signature Floral Wrap and Ribbons

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