Silver Horizons | Flower Bouquet


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Introducing “Silver Horizons,” a captivating bouquet that unveils the beauty of dreams and possibilities. Delphinium Blue and Hydrangea Pink blend serenity and grace. Hydrangea Blue and Anthurium Pistache evoke a sense of mystery. Eustomas Pink and Rose Tineke exude delicate charm, while Carnation Dark Pink and Spray Rose Fuschia bring vibrant energy. Wax Flower Pink and Dyed Ruscus Red provide whimsical accents. “Silver Horizons” symbolizes the endless horizons of aspirations, where dreams dance with reality, creating a bouquet that embodies the magic of life’s infinite possibilities.

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In the tapestry of existence, every life a thread, unique tales woven, by destiny’s unseen thread. Silver Horizons bloom, with stories yet unshown, for in life and beyond, meaning lies unfurled, mysteries embraced in this vast cosmic world.

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Product information

Blooms Used:
Delphinium Blue, Hydrangea Pink & Blue, Anthurium Pistache, Eustomas Pink, Rose Tineke, Carnation Dark Pink, Spray Rose Fuschia, Wax Flower Pink, Dyed Ruscus Red
Standard Products Used:
Beato Signature Floral Wrap and Ribbons

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