Melody of My Heart | Flower Bouquet


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Introducing “The Melody of My Heart,” a mesmerizing bouquet that sings the language of love. Hydrangea Rodeo Cherry captures passion, while Cymbidium White adds an elegant touch. Ginger Red ignites fiery desires, complemented by the graceful beauty of Rose Miss Piggy and Spray Rose Lilac. Eucalyptus Nichoii with Seeds and Dyed Ruscus Red intertwine, providing a harmonious backdrop. “The Melody of My Heart” orchestrates an enchanting symphony of emotions, a floral serenade that echoes the depths of the soul.

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From the depths of silence, a melody unfurls, A siren’s song that resonates, captures and swirls, Notes weave through the air, enchanting the soul, Drawing hearts closer, like a mystical role, Irresistible allure, a connection profound, In the embrace of music, two hearts are bound.

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Product information

Blooms Used:
Hydrangea Rodeo Cherry, Cymbidium White, Ginger Red, Rose Miss Piggy, Spray Rose Lilac, Eucalyptus Nichoii with Seeds, Dyed Ruscus Red
Standard Products Used:
Beato Signature Floral Wrap and Ribbons

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