Journey to Dragon’s Grove | 2024 Lunar New Year Gifts


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A dauntless spirit embarked on an illustrious odyssey—a pilgrimage to Dragon’s Grove. Amidst venerable arboreal sentinels, a concealed trove was unveiled. Our hamper mirrors this expedition, imparting the notion that life’s most superlative endowments are the prerogative of those who navigate uncharted frontiers.

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An adventurous young explorer ventured into the Valley of the Pearl, a land of wonder. He returned with tales of its beauty. Our hamper takes you on a journey into the heart of tradition, where you discover treasures beyond measure.

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Blooms Used:
Silk Peony - Beauty Silk Cherry Blossoms Pussy Willow - Red
Standard Products Used:
CNY Basket Red (High) Beato Signature Carrier Pierre Jean Merlot Champagne Moet (Big) Bastioni Collazzi Wine Sleep Tea Detox Tea Immunity Tea Mandarin Orange Tassels with Beads - Fuschia

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