30CM (NAKED) Handcrafted Fresh Mini Christmas Tree


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Note: Delivery of  Mini Trees Available Only from Mid Nov 2022 Onwards


Flown fresh from Denmark, these Noble Fir Handcrafted Trees are miniature versions of the Chrismas Trees. Although a little smaller, people adopt these Mini Trees because they are just adorable, and fit right into the spaces at home or in the office. They don’t take out too much space and they are really easy to maintain. These mini Christmas trees are perfect as gifts to your friends and family as well. The Mini Xmas Tree comes in 4 Sizes – 30CM, 40CM, 50CM & 60CM (60CM For Enquiries) You have the option to have us decorate your trees, or get a DIY kit from us and decorate it yourself. Delivery for all our trees and products is free and on us!

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  1. Otto


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    was searching high and low everywhere and chance upon this. great prices compared to other retailers I must say, got some for myself and my friends. thanks for the lifetime 5% discount


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30CM X 12CM
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