Floral Therapy – What is it About & How can it Change You?

Understanding Floral Therapy

What is Floral Therapy?

Essentially, Floral Therapy is a therapeutic activity in which involves a person or a group that participate in an innovative act of assembling, designing, crafting and creating a floral arrangement desired by such.

Just living is not enough… One must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower. – Hans Christian Andersen

Express your Art through Flowers

Why Flowers?

Handling flowers have been proven to be a destressing activity. Research has shown that handling flowers can be mentally and emotionally stimulating. Like taking a walk in an open field with a mountain range view, handling floral delivers to you the same emotional experience and enlightenment.

The neurophysiological effects it has on a person handling flower can drastically uplift one’s mood, similar to the distressing activities such as Yoga, Sports, Counselling, Massage & More.

For instance, through a test conducted by Harvard Medical School proposed that an individual who handles flowers on a regular basis resulting in a better process of trauma-related emotions. Therefore, the stress responses in the nervous system react and emit distressing stimuli to calm the brain!

How Do You Practice Floral Therapy?

Floral Therapy can be practiced anywhere. As long as you have Flowers, of course! Choosing either to partake in the activity alone or with groups can have a different type of effect.

When it comes to choosing your type of Flowers or Styling, one should take note of the roles and meaning behind a different type of Flowers. For instance, a person who is more inclined to express feelings towards solidity, romance, admiration, and beauty may find Heathers and Roses a good combination when paired together as a bouquet!

What Will You Experience?

Experience the Benefits of what Flowers provides You

Remarkably, Floral Therapy is an on-going trend. A healthy activity for both the mind and soul, The main objective of Floral Therapy Sessions is to teach you the elements of art, creative thinking, and realization through a period of deep self-reflection aimed to help you realize yourself, through the ways and expression of Flowers.

In Floral Therapy Sessions, you will take away –

  • Express Emotions into Floral Art
  • Engage in a deep understanding of Flower and It’s meaning
  • Know yourself better through a deeper understanding of Characteristic Traits of Flowers
  • Learn Floral Art
  • Design your very own Floral Arrangements

How will it Benefit You?

Learn Flowers
See the World through the eyes of Flowers

Look at the beautiful mountain ranges, the blue skies, clear waters, olive trees. Take a deep breath, and what do you feel?

A sense of calmness, serenity, peace, and realization.

Those simple gestures of ‘time-out’ are synthesized and filtrated down to the act of Floral Therapy. Hence, the feeling of what Floral Therapy can bring to you.

Based on logic and scientific facts, however, we see a different side of the plate. Science has it that Flowers carries many vessels of mental benefits. Feeling anxious or stressed? Flowers has been the typical go as a natural distressing tool from the beginning of time!

In the past, flowers and herbs are natural remedies for any physical and mental pain. Patients often turn to these sprouts of life to bring them, and others, joy, motivation and other spectrums of emotions. Hence, the word Floral Therapy!

Explore the list of benefits you can get here while engaging in Floral Activities!

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