When to give flowers to her??

Here are some times when you’ll definitely want to warm your true love’s heart with flowers:

Her Birthday. It’s her special day. Make it extra exceptional by buying her a bouquet of flowers. It doesn’t have to be to extravagant.

Your Anniversary. Women relate flowers with weddings. You can’t go wrong with buying your wife a bouquet of the same type of flowers you had at your wedding. The very sight of them will create a wave of warm and fuzzy memories. And the fact that you remembered the right flower will send her heart aflutter and score you major romance points.

Valentine’s Day.  Every year women said that she doesn’t want anything for Valentine’s Day. And like a sucker, every year man wont get them anything. Come Valentine’s Day, but when women say they don’t want anything for Valentine’s Day, it’s actually a secret code screaming of Buy her flowers. You’ll be glad you did.

New Baby/Mother’s Day Your wife just went through 9 months of pain and discomfort to bring forth your progeny. The least you can do is buy her some flowers. Plus, flowers are completely appropriate for a new birth. Flowers represent new life and you’ll be cradling new life in your arms. Later on, show your wife your appreciation for all the work she puts into mothering by buying flowers each Mother’s Day. (Note: Flowers aren’t sufficient by themselves for Mom’s Day. Mothering is hard work. She deserves something extra too.)

Get Well. If the woman in your life is sick, nothing will brighten her days and cheer her heart like flowers from the man she loves.

Saying I’m Sorry.  If you want to stop sleeping on the couch, bring flowers along with an apology. The extra effort may show the lady in your life that you’re really sorry. But make that apology sincere. A bunch of flowers with only a weak or non-existent apology will backfire; your woman doesn’t want to be bought off with cheap gestures.

A special date. Whether you are still dating or have been married for years, making time for special dates is essential to keeping your love burning brightly. When planning those romantic outings, put buying flowers on your list of preparations. There’s no better way to set the mood for a special night out then to show up at the door with a beautiful bouquet. She’ll melt.

Surprise her. Who says you need a reason to buy the woman in your life flowers? Surprise her! Make it habit to stop by the florist on the way home every now and then to pick up some flowers for your lady. Trust me. The investment will definitely pay off.

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