Diamond or flowers

Some women and most men see flowers as inefficient gifts: she chooses him to show on tangible gift that can be exhibited around; and he prefers to impress with gift that she can wear around. After all, fresh flowers wither in a matter of days, don’t they? True, but honestly, you are still better off with flowers. Here are several reasons why:

Diamonds might be a girl’s best friend. Flowers are an intelligent woman’s real best friend. 
Intelligent women would rather have roses on their tables than diamonds on their necks. A single stalk, according to several scientific findings, is able create passion, to soothe, to cheer, to beautify…with its very existence. Like a true friend, flowers improve moods and create intimateness. A diamond, in all of its indestructible nature, can only look pretty perched on a slender finger. There is a reason why we do not have bimbos for best friends.
Giving flowers not only show that you love him/her; it shows that you have the initiative to dedicate effort and time in choosing a perfect bouquet.

You can never go wrong with flowers. 
But you can go wrong with chocolates “are you trying to get me fatter than I am?”, diamonds “this is not branded diamond ring!”, and designer goods

Flowers speak the language of love more fluent than anything else.
Flowers say more than just “I love you”. It says “I respect you”, “I am willing to shed all masculine egos to carry these flowers to you”, “I am thinking of you even when you are not around”, “You are beautiful”, “You are special”, “You are important”…

Why Beato

We provide effortless floral styling buying experience where customers just need to tell us their preference such as occasions, style, mood, color and budget. We will give advices and educate them on flower choice so that the gift will be meaningful and wont contradict with the occasions (like giving wrong color and flower option for sympathy or get well ?? )
We picked the best blooms available before we style them if it’s not the best we will change to a better flower with the same styling.
We go an extra mile by capturing each styling that we dedicated to your recipient for your memory.

So it’s not about why beato , but why not !?

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