Beato’s Rebranding – New Beginnings


It has since been 5 years when Beato stood tall and proud. Infinitely passionate for a journey way beyond our own, Beato walks this inevitable path, striving towards new horizons. This year marks a new beginning, a renovation, and rework, a phase in which will alter the course of direction for future years to come.

In this 5 year, the essence and façade what Beato is now were built upon the foundations of hard work, desire, creativity, and innovation. Etched and carved into the stones of Beato were the many people who contributed to the finishing touches of Beato and the many people that believed.


As things evolve, the changes will be felt through a ripple of a wave. As a result, the motion of these changes will affect the eco-system both internally and externally. Perceptions, actions, and operations will take a drastic turn to fit the market for the greater good.

Essentially, we, as a team and you, the consumers and believers on the other side as our support, will be affected by these changes. To better serve and deliver our service, the necessary changes made will be suited to provide insights into generating the utmost result. Thus, this re-branding will engrave Beato’s character in stone, sealing along with the past, existing and future, encapsulating all of them as a whole.

Ultimately, the goal is to better deliver an experience of personalization and quality in products and service innovation as none has ever done in the market. Through feedback and constant innovative means collated through the 5-year long process.

To Us

As branding encompasses the internal and external, Beato rebranding seeks to redefine the whole thought process and operation. Simply put, the workflow, directions, end goal, target market, will be set straight. As a result of that, a clearer perspective and mindset will be forged out of this program. Ideally, the personality of Beato will take a more defined shape, no longer a silhouette that was vague and unsure, both to our eyes and of the public.

To You

The rewards of this process shall be reaped by the end consumers. Whatever we build in Beato, we build with the intent of our end consumers in mind. As this new phase kicks in, we hope that our consumers will be rewarded with more efficiency, stability, and usability.

In essence, this rebranding structure is Beato’s way of saying thank you. To all that have supported us, grown with us and believed in us, we are eternally grateful for the journey that was brought.

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