Beato’s Floral Tripod – Transforming Traditional Flower Stands

Beato’s Floral Tripod 

Evidently, one of Beato’s signature items, the floral tripod stand is the epitome of Beato’s innovative prowess in the art of gifting.

Created with a purpose to serve all occasions, this unique creation seeks to unravel attention to the clusters of flowers that rested above the minimalistic base of wood. Bringing emphasis on simplicity and vibrancy. Elements of which blend harmoniously with ease.

Whether it be times of joy and celebration or a call for reflections and deep sympathies, Beato’s floral tripod stand is designed by formidable artists, with a sole purpose: to translate your emotions to life through a precise approach and explosive techniques of floral sculpting.


Build to be delicate, minimalistic and structured, Beato’s Floral Tripod is an architecture concept that blends flower’s explosive colors to a minimalistic rustic backdrop.

With the considerations of fluidity in techniques and styles that allow inspirational, non-restricted creative thought processes. The art piece is enlightenment for both the designers and receivers.  Above all, it’s design capable of elevating senses and sparking imaginativeness. A therapeutic sight to behold. Thus, evoking a sense of nostalgia and ignite element of creative passions to fit the emotional needs of certain occasions.

The Design of the Old and Rustic
The Inspiration for Beato’s Floral Tripod Woodbox Design


The centerpiece of Beato’s Floral Tripod is a wooden box, a design that takes inspiration from vintage rustic wooden crates. Like wine crates or transportation crates used during transportation of early century age, the purpose of the component is to uphold and store flower arrangements. A design meant to inhibit a sense of antiquity and history. It is a reference that compliments the simplicities of the old.

Beneath the wooden box platform that upholds the flower arrangements are the three-legged tripod stand that provides support.

Because Beato’s spirit and identity derived from the classical artistry background. We took inspiration from traditional easels, meant to hold up and support the canvas for the artist to paint on. Hence the tripod stand, as the name described.


As the era of floral gifting modernized, the spirit of gifting grew ever older. Thus, losing its touch of freshness and individuality. As a result, traditional gifting today has been dulled and repetitive, losing the sense of competitiveness and originality. Everything new that came was old, and that’s what Beato seek to reform, change and rejuvenate.


To explore new ways is to craft new portals to an era of intimacy and timelessness. We fashion new followings; thus humbling and respecting the old to bring you the newest. To Beato, every piece is a mastery, none ever the same. Every creation a new perspective, every design absolute.


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