Beato’s Floral Therapy – A Therapy Like No Other


Beato – A blessing. A reincarnation of all that is sophisticated and appreciated.

An idol constructed on the foundation of joy and fulfillment. Its purpose – to serve, share, delight and inspire. It’s core and fuel burns on satisfaction and happiness. To be able to share this fuel of contentment is a privilege. To be able to give, that is a blessing.

In Beato’s Floral Therapy, we seek to deliver you an experience of all that is marvelous, that is to reconnect you to the inner gardens of your heart. A haven that encompasses the luminous essence of all memories. A sanctuary where all that it’s reflected upon is the good, pure, authentic.

Learn to Do Flowers
An Idol of all that is Good


As the golden stream of light beams warmly and brightly in the summer sun, the breeze of the summer heat caresses the vessel that embodies the fabrics of your soul. The horizon that grazes upon the flowery field in which you stand upon stretches as far as your eyes can see. Every breath you take is as sweet as the harmonies of spring, blasting you into a capsule of peace and serenity.

That scene that was painted, the peace, calm and the crystal sweetness, is exactly how you’d imagined it to be. How can we make it everlasting? What can we do to activate that stillness? Where can we relive those moments?

In that, Beato’s Floral Therapy is the portal which bridges that gap and allows you to reconnect to your inner-self through innovation and self-realization. Its sole objective is to allow you to flare out your hidden creative assets and expel the shrouds of blockage that clouds your mind.

Because of the daily struggles of everyday life, many have lost touch with their inner-thoughts, creative thinking, and problem-solving skills. Through a dedicated process designed to unscrew that bolt, Beato’s Floral Therapy is a step-by-step procedure that guides you through that path of self-fulfilling enlightenment. It guides you to the inner chasm of your thoughts that stores the light of all your happiest time.

Play with Flowers
Explore yourself with Flowers


Why do we seek relaxation? Because we seek to release the tensions bestowed so unwillingly upon us by the obstacles of life.

Two Things –

The Delicate &  The Ill

‘The Delicate’

The Delicate forms of stress liberation come with many benefits. Healthy activities such as Meditation, Sports, Travelling, Floral Therapy, Arts and many more. Although it takes work, the result that comes with it is fulfilling and enriching. However, not many people choose this path. They choose, instead, a path darker than none. The Ill.

‘The Ill’

Drugs, alcohol, sex, violence. All forms of a path that leads astray. A wide array of dark fantasy that promises many tempting quick that eventually creates an illusion of joy. Falling into this pit is a downward spiral that you may never recover from.

So, Why Floral Therapy?

So, back to the question. Why Floral Therapy?

Because, simply, it is a manuscript for inner reflection. If you desire to improve yourself, to create a space in your mind where you can explore the depth of creativity, then Floral Therapy is an activity in which you can exercise regularly to improve the mental state of your mind.

The positivity that comes with bonding with nature and flower can significantly enhance brain energy. Although it is something different from the rest of ‘The Delicate’. It is, by its own right, a self-enlightening practice for the mind.

Enjoy Flowers
Floral Therapy is a Why Nots to the many obstacles in Life


An environment that advocates learning, reflecting and exploring. At Beato, we have designed a perfect cozy hideout in which you can relax, learn and hang out at. Truth is, Floral Therapy can be practiced anywhere and anytime, with Flowers in access. It is a process, not a product. It is an enrichment, a spiritual workshop to help you with mentalizing precisely what is holding you back from the greatness life can offer

The ambient that welcomes you into Beato is an entrancing melody, enticing food, and approachable artist. Comfort and ease are our priority. With utmost importance, we seek to deliver to you experience entirely different from everything else you have ever seen or felt.


A period in which dark clouds hover above you or a period in which you would like to spread joy with your friends, family or loved ones. Floral Therapy is an activity that all can partake in, no matter the age and circumstances!


Carefully planned and thought of, our team at Beato seeks to recreate and redefine an unforgettable first-time experience with Flowers. We have tuned the moment to make you feel like you’re visiting a new country for the first time. Therefore, the magic that sparkles will be a lasting impression.

The process of Floral Therapy is threefold –

Firstly, you’ll choose the range of Flowers given of your choice. Depending on your mood and liking, our artist will carefully explain to you the various meanings of each flower and how it represents your character.

Secondly, we’ll guide you through the process of creating of Flower Arrangement of your liking. Eventually, you’ll lead yourself on independently, through a stage where you will innovate and recreate. Our artist will continue to assist you, but independence is encouraged as it is a process in which you can relate, self-reflect and innovate with your unique spark of creativity.

Lastly, upon final creation. We’ll evaluate together with you the whole process, describing to you what you have created. We’ll assist and guide you on enhancing certain elements and components of the art piece in which you will eventually bring home.


Floral Therapy is an artistic workshop. Where you will pour out your creativity into a masterpiece of Floral Works. This enlightening journey that courses through will be like no other. To spark emotions is what we, at Beato, seek to recreate and eventually Master.

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