White Space

The norms call it workshop;
The trendy call it flora jamming;
At Beato,
We want it to be our White Space

floral therapy


  • Whitespace – floral therapy for your mind

    Focusing on creating mindfulness and individual’s mental well-being. Define moments with blooms.

    Enjoy a relaxing weekend at beato’s flower bar - always fill with the freshest blooms, sometimes seasonal and exotic for you to pick. Pair with a blend of your creativity, curiosity and imagination to create an extraordinary floral arrangement of your own to bag home. All level of participants are welcome. Our on-site stylists are there to guide you (without a fee, how awesome!) through the session if you are new to floral arranging.

    Signing up will entitle you to $80 credits where you will utilize in the session to pick your blooms and materials. Be it a bouquet to gift to a friend, styling in vase to add a touch of warmth to your home or a centerpiece to steal the limelight at your dinner party, we hold a wide range of vases and wraps for you to select from. We invite you to bring your own vessels to create your arrangement in our intimate space if you wish. Do note that this is not a step-by-step session where participants follow through to completion. We love to see what you come out with, and many a time you will surprise even yourself! So no restrictions, no limitations, no judgments... just lots of encouragements and laughter. let your creativity flow, trust your intuition and let it guide you through the practice

    Session includes:
    • An hour of self-indulgence
    • Intimate co-share space with like-minded individuals
    • $80 credit for use at flower bar and accessories
    • Tools to create your floral masterpiece
    • Professional guidance, only if required

    additional option available

      Terms & Conditions
    1. No refund in the event of no show
    2. Rescheduling is to be made 48 hours before session commences
      For customized classes, please call us at our hotline +65 83381308 for further details.

    We keep the fee small, our session size smaller so you have ample attention from our stylists (if needed) and adequate space to let your creativity flow. Come see our cozy space, meet our beato family and experience a therapeutic morning with blooms and perhaps, some tea? Sessions are held every Saturdays and Sundays, 10.30AM – 12.00PM. We are located at 1 jalan bingka, S588893

  • Time
    10: 30 AM - 12:00 PM, Saturdays and Sundays