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  • Floral Art Styling / Rediscover Yourself
    -A day in the life of the florist.

    Enjoy and learn the art of floral styling with the master in floral art, Ernesto.

    Beato Touch is a session of guided learning on floral styling. Through this session, you will gain knowledge on how to style flowers like a professional.

    Who is Beato Touch for?
    1. Knowledge Seekers
    2. Flower Enthusiast
    3. Families

    What is Beato Touch?
    1. Professional Guided Floristry Lesson
    2. A therapeutic activity for bonding & learning
    3. A cozy session for you to create personalized Floral Arrangement

    What will be your takeaways?

    Each week will be of different themes featuring the flowers and foliage in season – spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Rare and exotic flowers will be used for each theme. So it’s always something new to learn for each class. After the session, you will –
    • Go home with a new knowledge and better understanding on floral styling
    • Have a sneak peak in the day in the life of a florist
    • Experience the therapeutic aspect of floral art
    • Bring home the masterpiece that you have done for the class

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    Terms & Conditions
    1. No refund in the event of no show
    2. Rescheduling is to be made 48 hours before session commences. Classes are subject to availability.

    An ideal activity for your private event.
    Call us at our hotline +65 98313878 for further details.

    We are located at 1 Jalan Bingka, S588893