Floral Art Weekly Subscription


Because emotions need a voice. Let these weekly fresh blooms convey your emotions via a palette of colours and moods. With omakase, you can just leave the rest to us to create the magic. Choose from a range of subscription tiers to suit your needs and creations.

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Floral Art Weekly Subscription

We believe fresh-cut flowers no doubt transforms any space, it holds the key to better mood, empathy, and innovation, both at home and in the workplace as well. We love exploring seasonal exotic blooms…
The weekly consortium of fresh-cut floral art that are selected, styled, and delivered are based on an omakase curation. You can entrust the blooms selection to us and be assured that the floral piece delivered on a weekly basis will be different yet meticulously curated by our stylists and expertise.
Our mission is to delight and surprise our audience with exotic and varied blooms that will certainly brighten one’s week. However, you are more than welcome to highlight any preferred blooms and the tones that would resonate with your space which our stylist(s) would do their best in meeting your requirements, yet not losing the essence of the omakase touch. That also goes without saying that the type of premium tier selected would obviously determine the foliage intensity and the choice of flowers picked.

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