Cherish | Lunar New Year Gifts 2023


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The ‘Cherish’ Floral Styling promotes growth in friendship, influence and charisma.

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Usher in the new year with floral gift symbolizing rejuvenating health, youth, endless luck and prosperity.

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Product information

Blooms Used:
Silk cheery blossom Silk Chrysanthemum Fuschia Silk Poppy Orange Moet & Chandon Imperial Brut NV, 750ml Indulgence Floral Blend Tea Set, 6 in 1 Bengawan Solo- Pineapples Tarts, 330g Bengawan Solo- Kue Bangkit, 500g Bengawan Solo- Mini Shrimp Rolls, 240g Bengawan Solo- Love Letters, 390g Royce Chocolate New Moon Abalone Mandarin Oranges
Standard Products Used:
Lunar Tassel Beato Signature Red Box

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