Aquilus | Preserved & Silk Floral Art


The Aquilus Preserved & Silk Floralart is an extravagant statement. She represents boldness, grandiosity, and illumination with a slight, subtle touch of neutrality, highlighted by earthy tones accompanied by the bright blue silk hydrangeas.

Please Note:

To Lease Aquilus for Your Home, Corporate, or Event Spaces, Please Contact 8338 1308 for a Customised Offer. Depending on your lease period, Beato will rotate and change your floral art pieces on a weekly basis.

Orders after 12pm will be scheduled to the day after. For emergency request, please contact +65 8338 1308.

For orders with specific timing, please choose the option upon check out. Surcharge applies.

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Looking to Lease a Preserved & Silk Floral Art Like Aquilus? 

Leasing of floral arts starts from just $24/week. Contact Beato Fiore at 8338 1308 / 9831 3878 or email us at for more details.

Preserved & Silk Floral Arts for Your Home, Office, or Event.

A symphonic fusion of silk & preserved florals styled to create a coruscating work of art. Unifying the forms, colors, and beauty between both realms of floral types to highlight the spaces in which they will reside.

A Unique 1-of-1 Floral Masterpiece. 

These floral arts are 1-of-1 masterpieces styled by Beato artisans with years of experience up their sleeves. Each piece is a soulful representation of a certain emotion, message, and feeling that the sender wants to convey. Each piece harmonically resonates with its ambient. Conjuring a new perspective and enhancing its surroundings wherever they go.

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