Journey with Beato – an interview with the founder

From the grand arrangements sitting in the dining hall of WHITEGRASS to the whimsical petite styling at CHEEK by jowl and JAAN to ikebana designs at Hashida, Beato has showcase versatility in our floral works that steal the spotlight in many restaurants, homes and offices. Here, we share a few moments with Pauline, the founder and creator of some most stunning floral creations.

  1. Share more on your background in flora design
    I have no professional technical training in floral art prior to this journey. Perhaps the lack of textbook knowledge was advantageous while creating my floral pieces as they were never restricted by the Do’s and DON’T’s.
  2. What is the inspiration behind your floral creations?
    My inspiration for flora art came from my inner thought and feeling, I infuse my creations with life force, passion, love and romance. Color pigments and the blooming expression of each bloom speak my mood and emotion. Hence it has always been a huge challenge for me to duplicate the works by other designers.
  3. What are some considerations when choosing the types of blooms in an arrangement?
    Condition of the flowers, choosing the appropriate blooms for the right sender & recipients taking into consideration the occasions, the color notes and creating different impacts on the final art piece
  4. Share with us the core of your venture and what drives you
    Create inspiring spaces, craft beautiful pieces, learn & breathe with the people I love!
  5. What can clients and potential customers expect to see in the near future?
    A team of inspiring creative fashionistas already under ONE roof to set the tone with an extraordinary wave of creativity in the art of gifting.
  6. What do you find most satisfying being in this industry?
    The discoveries of hidden talents
  7. Name one thing you are most grateful for in your journey thus far
    We gained strength from the given opportunities, the priceless continual faith & support from our beloved clients. Their valuable feedbacks have helped Beato grew stronger & shines brighter. Beato is BLESSED.

Beato participates in volunteer work, offers 20% of the sales from our F&B tuck shop to HCA and offers floral gifting for all occasions. Let’s have a journey together within a journey. Follow and like us on Instagram: @beatofiore and Facebook:

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