freedom to love

The essence of life is undoubtedly love. What is love and what isn’t? Love is a force of nature, a feeling that comes as it pleases, you can neither command nor demand for it. But love is bigger than you, you can invite love even though you are not able to dictate how love expresses itself. Humans, come in all shapes and sizes; as with love, it comes in different forms. We, humans can choose to surrender to love, or not, but one thing for sure – we all need love at one point or another. Love does not come with conditions, but simply radiates independently. Love comes when we least expect it, love is not always as you imagine; love is inherently free. All good things are wild and free, aren’t they? Love is patient, love is kind.

Society sets standards for love amongst many other things in life. Society defines success for one if you let it, it judges right down to the apparel you are clad in. Society tells us to love when we are ready, when we are financial stable. It suggests we set a list of criteria to find the right partner in life. “Find a man who sweeps you off your feet” your dad says. “Find a man who give you financial security”, says your mom.  Society deems you a “failure” when you are still left on the shelves at 38, or that everyone should have a family with kids of our own as we grow old. Just, what if you enjoy solitude? That you enjoy alone time reading, taking long baths or walking your dog alone at the park? That is self-love. What if same sex marriage is still not permitted where you are residing? You are happy with who you are with, is it not love if it is not on paper? Just because you do not confine to normality does not make you incapable of love. Women can be fiercely independent and does not require her counterpart to make her feel whole. As with men, they do not need to inject a touch of feminism with the presence of another woman to complete him. A woman can fix her own broken sink, a man can brew his own coffee and make his own bed every morning. No single person implies the existence of any other. Not loving another does not mean love is not present, it is just portrayed in different manners not everyone is familiar or comfortable with.

Whatever your stand is, everyone is interconnected. Love cares what becomes of you. Love makes you blush, makes you ache, makes you feel alive. Everyone has the rights to choose, everyone needs love. As the saying goes, “Aside from the lack of love, everything is fine.” Blessed if you have someone to love now, so why not come spend an evening at our Valentine’s Day event with your loved ones. View details here.

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