Floral Therapy – A Practice of Emotional Rekindling

A Story We All Share


Swirling in a pattern of desultory, the crimson red petal falls blissfully unto the uninviting depths of the bitter dull soil, awaiting its uncertain fate that so follows, in which came by swiftly in a form of a cold, chilly breeze that swept it off and beyond. Drifting into the distance, fading and hazed. Never to be desired evermore.

Battle-worn from the pain the world has dealt us, we naturally wrap ourselves into the darkest chambers of our thoughts, cloaking and compressing our feelings into the shadowy abyss of our hearts, where it hibernates, away from all misery, torment, and agony. Disposing ourselves of emotions that once burned within us joy, or rather, sadness.

Release the pain
A Pain we all are familiar with


To be doomed with this pain, we do not deserve. Suffering from this unbroken loop of regret, misery, and bitterness. The fragments of memories drifted in the still air like a scent or a stench. Nostalgic, wistful, bitter-sweet. Flashes of what could’ve been, plays endlessly on the surface of our eyes like pictures from a movie without sound.


The eyes snaps shut, the vessel that embodies our pain breached the surface, as it bellows down the soft surface of our skin, it leaves a trail of dampening relieve.

A yearning within gives way to the desire for reformation. An eruption of motivation, strength, and courage. With the appetite and devotion for the betterment, we pull the curtains wide open.


As the light seeped in fluidly and found its way back into the deepest and darkest part of our hearts. It healed the cracks that once scared the surface of our being, cementing it in place, awaiting the arrival of the next wave of pain.


As the string of life weaves our stories, pain is a chapter it heavily emphasizes on.

As a result, we never really found an outlet towards releasing these tensions, as it grew and fester from within, restlessness brew. The cycle then repeats. Pain, Reflection, Realization, Recovery and then Pain.

Where is the Epilogue?

We must understand this: that all pain must have an outlet of release. For different people, it can mean different things. In conclusion, everybody handles stress differently. Therefore, it is only natural and healthy that we regain our strength through external activities called mental therapy, as such, one of a growing method is through the reconnection with Nature.

Floral Therapy – How does it affect one mental status

Learn Floral Therapy
Discover yourself from within through the art of Floral Therapy

Nature, as it is, possesses many natural therapeutic effects on our mental image. As a result, it allowed us to reconnect to our deeper self and the cosmos, realizing that the world is huge and our problems are only meager to such vastness of the world.

As the world around us offers as many possibilities for mental healing, one such way is through the therapeutic practice of Floral Therapy.

Research has shown that the emotional impact that flowers have on mental health is rather relieving.

Research has shown that flowers have many positive emotional impacts on one’s mental health. Typically, study participants who regularly indulged themselves in the practice of Floral Making reported feeling less anxious, agitated and depressed after receiving flowers and creating their masterpiece.

Even more so, many patients suggested that it demonstrated within them a higher sense of enjoyment, appreciation, and satisfaction of life and engagement with people, creating within them a sense of peace.

Generally, a natural way of healing, attaching yourself with nature and floral show a significant boost in serotonin and dopamine, chemicals in the brain that is naturally produced upon the stability of the mental health. For instance, here are a few good examples of a better-quality lifestyle feedbacked by participants who have taken part in Floral Therapy –

Mood Elevation

With a significant increase in mood, they report having better patience and empathy towards other people and more appreciation towards the things given to them in life. As a result, it gave them a better insight into focusing on what they have, instead of what they don’t.

Creativity Uplift

Through the constant composing and fiddling with the many types of flowers. Participants regularly create new and interesting ways to style arrangements. As a result, the colors that flowers have itself brings vibrancy to the right brain, where neurons start firing in all direction, rewiring the patterns of your brain that boost creativity and holistic thinking

Anxiety Reduction

According to the Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation, as many as 10% of the world’s population experience depression and anxiety. To combat this, many turned externally, others turn inwards, as a result, they suffer for a long and lonely period of time.

Flowers can restore some short-term calm to your situation. As a result, it enlightens within you a third person perspective on the angle of your problem

Memory Improvement

A research was conducted in 2015, in which participants went into one of three rooms to complete a memory test. One room has a scent of lavender, one of rosemary and the other without a scent.

Participants are told to look for a series of objects hidden around the room and remember them for later. In conclusion, the project goal was to test what different smells have effects on our ‘future memory’.

Naturally, the people in rosemary-scented room scored the highest test (due to its sharpness in the smell that heightens the senses) whereas the lavender room scored significantly lower, as the participants were far too relaxed and sleepy!

Improved Focus

Working with flowers itself generally has many positive effects. Having your focus improved is one that is generally more talked about.

As a result of working with flowers often, florist often reports having felt lesser weight on their shoulders, tranced in a moment where they could take a time-out from the world and breath. They are able to stay focus on a certain task for a longer period of time as well!

Flowers and its Mood

For instance, flowers are a symbol with many meanings and association to them, with different flowers brings different emotions. Similarly, like music, there are different tune and occasion for a different mood. Here stands a list of a few types of flowers and the meaning it upholds –


Radiant. Charming. Attraction


Cheerfulness. Joy. Comfort.


Love. Secrets. Romance.


Admiration. Solitude. Beauty.


In the process of self-rediscovery, we will tremble across many obstacles. Therefore, we feel stuck, lost confusedfuse as to which direction we must take. In times like this, we must be kind to ourselves. We must understand – Life is a journey of continuous heartaches, joy, and pain. In conclusion, one must know how to balance this on the scale through the many forms of therapy. In this case, re-discover yourself within through the art of Floral Therapy.


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