Auspicious plants to bring in luck and wealth this Lunar New Year

Call it superstition or traditions – when it comes to lunar New Year, Chinese are always going the extra mile to bring good luck, health and prosperity into the New Year with them. As they say, new year new me! It is the best time to better yourselves, clearing the old to make space for the new. Bringing in new, fresh plants into homes or offices is an easy way to bring in new life and brighten things up, giving the space a fresh look. Not to forget, it instantly makes any space warmer and cozier and better if it brings wealth, good health and prosperity. Japanese presents bonsai plants as housewarming gift as a symbolism of good luck and happiness.
Whatever it is, plants are great even if you are not celebrating the lunar New Year, simply gift them to your Chinese pals to send well wishes!

1. Money trees


Known to bring in wealth as the leaves resemble the shape of jade. Interestingly, it is said to work only if you braid 3 to 5 plants to bring good luck

2. Phalaenopsis Orchids

For a long time, it is believe that Phalaenopsis orchids symbolize fertility, love and beauty, bringing energy of purity. Depending on the colors, it also brings additional energy of joy, creativity, and passion. It is a popular plant to gift during lunar New Year to offer well wishes

3. Lucky bamboos

Chinese symbolism for strength. It is important in Feng Shui and brings luck wherever it is placed. Different stalks also hold different meanings – two stalks for love and three for happiness and luck at work

4. Pussy willow

Pussy willow, also known as silver willow, sounds like silver coins and therefore it is associated often with wealth. It is also a symbol of growth as it is often quite long

5. Cherry blossoms

Place in home as a love and marriage cure, brings in good health, fresh breath of hope and happiness. It is also a sign of the end of a cold season and that better days are coming

6. Kumquats

Oranges symbolize abundance and happiness in generally. To top that, Kumquats means “Gold luck” in Cantonese when pronounced. It is often associated with wealth and prosperity, given to business owners especially.

Be spotted with potted! Send well wishes this New Year, check out our orchid arrangements:

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